Experience: Always ask your contractor what experience they have in arboriculture / tree care. Ensuring your arborist has the right experience & skills to carry out the tasks involved is vital! Pruning & removing trees can be very technical & dangerous work, the last thing any of us want is for somebody to cause damage to your property, have a serious injury or even worse a fatality. If your not happy with what they tell you ask to see some qualifications.

Insurance: Ask your arborist if they are fully insured & if your not happy get them to show you a copy of their certificate of currency. All reputable companies will have no issue doing this.

Cost: This is always an important one & rightly so, we all work hard for our dollars & want to feel that we’re getting value for money. So if you get more than one quote & there is a large difference between them ask your self why? The cheapest option isn’t always the best & from my experience unfortunately you get what you pay for in tree work. I’m not saying always go for the most expensive quote either so if you get 2 quotes & there is a large difference in the cost maybe consider getting a 3rd quote to compare. Remember that all reputable companies will have to cover their over heads as they have to pay insurance, provide regular industry training to their staff, pay staff wages & tax. This maybe why their quote is that little bit more expensive, but means you can relax in the knowledge that your trees & property are in safe hands.

Marketing: All reputable businesses want more work it’s what pays the bills & pays the staff. So they shouldn’t be afraid of displaying their company logo & advertising. From my experience the tree services that don’t have their name, logo & contact details in plain sight for the world to see are the ones who are doing something wrong & don’t want to be seen doing it.
Check if they have a company website such as Quinn’s Tree Care. It’s one of the most important forms of marketing these days & a good way to show case previous work with the skills & services they offer.
See if they have any social media pages such as Facebook where again they’ll have posted pictures show casing their skills & work.

Knowledge: Your arborist should know what they’re talking about. They may not be able to answer every question you throw at them but they should be very comfortable answering most & providing you with simple explanations for anything your unsure about.

Written Quotations: Always ensure you receive a written quote or one sent via email. It’s something you can later refer too & check that the work quoted for is the work that has been completed. All reputable tree services will have no issue doing this & it means you have a set price without any hidden extras. Check that the quote also contains the business ABN (Australian Business Number).

At Quinn’s Tree Care we are fully committed to providing our customers with fair honest quotes & should you receive a cheaper quote but still wish to use our services then give us a call back & we may be able to offer some discount. Quinn’s Tree Care is fully insured, fully qualified & has over 9 years industry experience from working in the UK & throughout New South Wales so your trees & property are in good hands. Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook!