Stump Grinding

Once you have made a decision to remove your tree or tree’s the next decision you need to make is wether or not you want to grind out the stump(s). At Quinn’s Tree Care we offer professional stump grinding services.We can remove any tree stump, large or small & where possible we aim to grind all stumps to approximately 250mm – 300mm below ground level.

Reasons to consider stump grinding are:

  • The stump is gone completely & if required you can place new turf where the old stump was leaving you with a crisp clean looking lawn.
  • Old stumps can sometimes become a breeding ground for termite colonies or white ants, which can threaten the structure of your house or shed.
  • They can also be trip hazards especially if you have children who love playing in the yard.
  • Finally stumps can look just plain ugly in your garden.

Alternatively you may decide that stump grinding is not for you. At Quinn’s Tree Care we poison all stumps immediately once we’ve dismantled them free of charge. This will in most cases prevent any regrowth.