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Storm damage & branch failures

When branches are torn from trees they can cause large unsightly wounds or leave large stubs that the tree may find difficult to repair by natural callusing. An un-callused wound can become decayed and infested with pests. This could lead to the eventual death of the tree. Split trees are also commonly seen after a recent storm or after strong winds & usually require the tree to be removed. Professional pruning & maintenance of your trees can help avoid long-term damage.

Root Damage

Have you built or renovated recently? Unknowingly you may have damaged the critical root zone of a valued tree in your garden. Our arborist’s know the tell-tale signs to look for and can advise you on how to minimise damage.

Pests and disease

Insects can have a major impact on the health of your trees, with certain insects being a serious threat to tree populations. Quinn’s Tree Care can inspect your trees, shrubs & diagnose the problem. We can recommend a plan  which will help control, treat & protect your plants.

We offer low impact treatments and natural ingredients where possible to reduce insects while equally considering the environment.


Sometimes what can seem like a large problem can be easily rectified. Not all tree species which we have in our gardens are designed for hot dry climates & need regular watering. Our specialist arborist’s can give you the best advice possible.

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