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We specialise in Tree Pruning in Wagga

At Quinn’s Tree Care our qualified arborist’s will work with you to determine what type of tree work is best to maintain or improve the health, appearance and safety of your trees.

Pruning or lopping is one of the most effective ways of keeping trees in optimum health, but needs to be done correctly by a professional arborist. If not done properly the cuts made (which are wounds to the tree) can become entry points for disease & pests.

Reasons to consider pruning your tree(s)

  • To improve the health of the tree. Branches usually die due to either disease, pest damage, not enough sun light or damage to the root system. If a tree is suffering from any of these it may be best to prune the tree back to a healthier state and let it re-grow from there. Other options may be more suitable & our qualified arborist’s will be able to advise.
  • For safety reasons. Removing damaged branches & Dead wooding. Dead wooding is the removal of dead, dying or diseased wood from a tree canopy to maximise tree health, minimise danger, encourage healthy new growth and enhance the beauty of the tree. Improving the structural integrity of the tree by weight reduction pruning. Weight Reduction Pruning: is a preventative measure that reduces the risk of limb failures. This is done by reducing the length of the branches to a suitable growth point, which in turn reduces weight.
  • To allow more light in to your home & garden. Thinning out the tree’s canopy allows more light to filter through to the garden & plants below. It will also brighten up your home. Thinning will increase the air circulation through the canopy and reduces wind resistance, increasing the trees ability to handle strong winds.
  • To clear buildings, rooflines or service wires. You may have branches growing over your roofline, interfering with your gutters or maybe have a bush or tree growing through your service wires. Let our arborist’s safely prune these problem branches & prevent any further damage to your home.

All pruning should be carried out by a professional arborist with an AQF level 3. Luckily are arborist’s are fully qualified & have all the correct skills & equipment needed to get the job done safely.

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