Each winter, deciduous trees go into a dormant stage during which vascular activity, energy consumption and sap production slow down, making it an ideal time for tree pruning. Using a reliable and experienced tree care company, such as Quinn’s Tree Care will help provide you with the best advice and workmanship available. Our tree service experts will have your trees looking great & ready for spring.

So why do we usually prune our trees?

Usually for safety concerns or because the tree is having a negative impact on our day to day lives. The truth is healthy trees are usually very happy with being left alone & have all the tools available to cope with what ever nature has to throw at them. It’s usually only when the tree or trees start to impact on our lives that we consider pruning or removing them. A very light prune can be done any time of year but harsh pruning like a heavy crown reduction or pollarding should be done through winter whilst deciduous trees are in their dormant stage & allows them to have the following spring & summer to revitalise.

A few reasons you may consider pruning your trees this winter is to allow more of that winter sun into your property. As the days get colder & the nights get longer we want to utilise that natural light as much as possible so our homes feel warmer & more open. Maybe you’ve got branches hanging low across the driveway or garden or overhanging your roof & filling your gutters with leaf matter. Maybe your hedges & trees are interfering with your service wires, so why not give us a call & have our experts at Quinn’s Tree Care take a look & advise you on what type of pruning best suits yours needs.

The most common types of tree pruning and tree trimming are crown thinning, crown raising, dead wooding & crown reduction. Read our previous blog for more information on these. It is important to work with a reputable tree care company who provides year round tree pruning and tree trimming services, such as Quinn’s Tree Care. It’s always best to hire a tree service expert to prune your trees rather than attempt it on your own. Tree work can be very dangerous & should only be carried out by a qualified arborist.